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Save time

Don't waste time building a Django app from scratch - use DjangoMango to get up-and-running quickly and easily. You can use our products as 'out-of-the-box' solutions, or as a starting point to build a fully customized Django web application.

Get your new Django site up-and-running quickly using DjangoMango.

Modular design

To make customization as easy as possible, we've created all of our Django products using a completely modular design, from back-end modules through to each front-end component. This will allow you to easily find, modify, and build on each site component.

Create a unique site using modularized code blocks.

Unlimited customization

Our Django products are ready-to-go right out of the box. However, if you want to take customization of your site to the next-level, we've made our products fully extendable. You'll have access to the clean and modular code-base, and can customize it any way you like.

We provide the foundation. You make it your own.

Some of our Products

We sell Django web apps, built following coding best-practices, based on modular design, all packaged on ready-to-run docker images.

Atomic Parrot

A fully-featured website built on Django.

Atomic Parrot product image

Interstellar Monk

A Django site to sell your digital products.

Interstellar Monk product image

What Are We All About?

Got questions? We have answers. It's time to find out what we are all about.

DjangoMango develops and sells websites and apps built on Django. Our products can be used as 'out-of-the-box' solutions, or as a foundation to build a fully customized web application. If you're looking for an easy and user-friendly solution to get a Django website up-and-running you've come to the right place!

Visit the About Us page to learn more about DjangoMango.

Django is an open-source Python web framework which aims to make web development simpler, faster, and more secure. And it has proved to be very popular - Django has been used by companies such as Disqus, YouTube, and Pintrest to build their web applications and websites!

Check out our blog to learn more about Django.

We offer themes and web applications built on the Django framework. Think of our products as essentially out-of-the-box web applications. You get not only the front-end design and components, but also a completely integrated back-end which has been built on Django following best practices. And best yet, the majority of our products are packaged with Docker configurations, so that you can easily develop and deploy your application without needing to worry about installing Django or any of the other dependencies we use to build our applications.

Want to learn more? Check out our full list of products.

Absolutely! Our mission at DjangoMango is to make Django more accessible. We design all of our products so the content and media can be updated even if you don't know how to code. However, we will admit that having at least a basic understanding of Python would help you to make the most of Django and your DjangoMango product. And just in case you do want to get into the code to make a customization, you can be sure that we have kept our code base clean and modular, so you can easily find what you need and make changes.

Yes! We provide demos and documentation on all of our products, so you can thoroughly explore our product features and support materials before making a purchase. Check our our Products page to explore all the product that we offer.

No. When you purchase a DjangoMango product, you are purchasing a single-use license. If you want to use the product for a different client, project, or website, then you'll have to buy another license (by purchasing another product). We encourage you to read our License Agreement for more information about what you can and can't do with DjangoMango product.

In the first instance, check out our User Guides and Community Forum. You'll find lots of useful information and great resources on these pages. If you can't find what you're looking for in our User Guides or on the Community Forum, visit our Contact page and send us a message.

Recent Blog Posts

Check out our recent blog posts.

Keeping your Django field files in-check

Tutorials | Jan 15, 2022

Django has some interesting behavior, in that, if you update or delete a model file or image field, it doesn’t actually delete the associated file from your filesystem. That's the case whether the file is locally saved or on a …

Checking MIME types for uploaded files

Tutorials | Nov 27, 2021

If you're allowing file uploads from your users, whether that's for images or not. It might be a good idea to put a MIME type check to ensure that you are accepting the right type and format of file. What's …

Asynchronous forms with Django and vanilla JS

Tutorials | Aug 25, 2021

The stable release of Bootstrap 5 recently dropped. And we just went through an effort to update our own site from Bootstrap 4.5. The process was fairly painless to be honest, with only a few new and redundant classes to …

Site configurations for your Django project

Tutorials | Dec 31, 2020

All of our products come packaged with a set of models to manage your site configurations. It won't be relevant for all projects, but having a central place to manage all of your site's global settings, navigation menus, social links …

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