A fully-featured website built on Django

Start your new Django site the right way and built it on Atomic Parrot. A fully-featured website to promote your business, brand, or product. Built from scratch on Django.

Start your new Django site the right way, and build it on Atomic Parrot. It's got everything you need, including a fully featured blog, newsletter & email distribution handling, areas for you to promote your business, and components to build out any kind of page you can imagine. And best yet, it's all built on the Django web framework.

Just like our other products, you have the option of using our pre-configured Admin views to keep your content and media up-to-date without touching a single line of code. Or, if you prefer, you can jump in re-code any part of the app you like, with the knowledge that you are working from a clean and efficient code base.

Modular design

To make customization as easy as possible, we've created all of our Django products using a completely modular design, from back-end modules through to each front-end component. This will allow you to easily find, modify and build on each site component.

Create a unique site using modularized code blocks.

Packed full of features

Customer contact and newsletter sign-up

Contact and newsletter sign-up forms for users, with automated email response and submission logging.

Flexible Content Management System

Use Django's admin interface for content management, with ability to update content and media without writing code.

Completely modular design

Completely modular design, from the back-end models through to each front-end component.

Disqus commentary integration

Built-in integration with Disqus for commentary.

Rapid deployment via Docker

Includes a completely pre-built environment with Docker scripts for development and production.

Built on Django

Built on the extremely powerful and extensible Django web framework.

Release date: Jun 23, 2020
Current version: v3.2
Frameworks: Back-end: Django 4.2.11, Front-end: Tailwind CSS 3.4.3 & Vanilla JS, Deployment: Docker 26.0.0+ & docker-compose 2.26.0+
Browser Support: Chrome, Firefox, IE10, IE11, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Safari


Update to latest frameworks.

Update to latest frameworks.

Upgraded to Django 4.1. Adopted Tailwind CSS for frontend styling and dropped Bootstrap.

Update to latest frameworks.

Update to latest frameworks.

Update to latest frameworks, including Bootstrap 5. General code improvements.

Update to latest frameworks. General code improvements.

Atomic Parrot created.