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About Us

I've been building apps on Django for years. It's easily my preferred web development framework and I'm constantly blown away by how powerful, yet flexible Django is.

But, I admit, it comes with a learning curve

However, Django does come with a learning curve. I take for granted all the hours I have spent reading through Django's docs, scouring Stack Overflow posts, and experimenting with code. And likewise, the fact that I already had a fair amount of experience with Python, definitely made that learning curve less steep compared to many others who've had to learn both a new language and new framework.

And I was regularly building the same thing

Not only that, but after getting past the initial learning curve and building several Django apps, I realized that I was regularly building or re-using the same foundation for all my new Django projects. I would often make use of the same 'building blocks'. And, in the case of creating a standard Django website, I would regularly find myself using the same code to build out the navigation, standard models, social media integration, template tags, or whatever it may be.

Seems I wasn't alone

As an active member of the Django community, I realized that other users, particularly new users, were experiencing the same challenges. They struggled with the same issues when trying to get their first app up and running. And they struggled to find those 'building blocks' which more experienced Django developers would accumulate over time and take for granted.

And so? DjangoMango!

This is how DjangoMango was born. It's my attempt to democratize Django by creating products that make it easier for new users to get started with the best web framework around. And to do that, I'm on a mission to create the Django apps and themes that I wish were around when I first started out. I want to offer products which are ready to use 'out-of-the-box', yet offer a fantastic foundation to build on for a fully customized app. And I want products which can be deployed and customized in minutes to hours. Not days to weeks.

Our Principles


We offer digital products and services that make Django more accessible to newcomers.


Our products make it quicker and easier for even the most experienced Django users to get their ideas into production.


Our products follow a clean, modern, and modular design approach, crafted using the latest frameworks and best practices.


Our work is completely transparent. Our code is clean, logical, modular, and ready for you to build on and customize.


Your time is valuable. So use our low priced products to get up and running with Django in minutes. Not days or weeks.


We aren't just about selling products. We're here to support our customers so they can bring their ideas to life.

Frequently Asked Questions

DjangoMango develops digital products that make it easier for people to create websites and apps on Django. Our products can be used as 'out-of-the-box' solutions, or as a foundation to build a fully customized web application. If you're looking for an easy and user-friendly solution to get a Django website up-and-running you've come to the right place.

Visit the About Us page to learn more about DjangoMango.

Django is an open-source Python web framework which aims to make web development simpler, faster, and more secure. And it has proven to be very popular - Django has been used by companies such as Disqus, YouTube, and Instagram to build highly scalable web apps which serve millions of users around the world. But it's also a great fit for smaller-scale projects, where the flexibility and power of Django and Python can help bring any idea to life.

Check out our blog to learn more about Django.

We offer themes and web applications built on the Django framework. Think of our products as essentially out-of-the-box web applications. You get not only the front-end design and components, but also a completely integrated back-end which has been built on Django following best practices. And best yet, the majority of our products are packaged with Docker configurations, so that you can easily develop and deploy your application without needing to worry about installing Django or any of the other dependencies we use to build our applications.

Want to learn more? Check out our full list of products.

Absolutely! Our mission at DjangoMango is to make Django more accessible. We design all of our products so the content and media can be updated even if you don't know how to code. However, we will admit that having at least a basic understanding of Python would help you to make the most of Django and your DjangoMango product. And just in case you do want to get into the code to make a customization, you can be sure that we have kept our code base clean and modular, so you can easily find what you need and make changes.

Yes! We provide demos and documentation on all of our products, so you can explore our product features and support materials before making a purchase. Check our our Products page to explore all the product that we offer.

No. When you purchase a DjangoMango product, you are purchasing a single-use license. If you want to use the product for a different client, project, or website, then you'll have to buy another license (by purchasing another product). We encourage you to read our License Agreement for more information about what you can and can't do with DjangoMango product.

In the first instance, check out our User Guides and Community Forum. You'll find lots of useful information and great resources on these pages. If you can't find what you're looking for in our User Guides or on the Community Forum, visit our Contact page and send us a message.