Recycle bin

Keeping your Django field files in-check

Django has some interesting behavior, in that, if you update or delete a model file or image field, it doesn’t actually delete the associated file from your filesystem. That's the case whether the file is locally saved or on a …

Mime in the streets

Checking MIME types for uploaded files

If you're allowing file uploads from your users, whether that's for images or not. It might be a good idea to put a MIME type check to ensure that you are accepting the right type and format of file. What's …

Asynchronous forms with Django and vanilla JS

Let's build an asynchronous form handler using Django and vanilla JS. No page refreshing needed here.

Notepad and pen

Site configurations for your Django project

All of our products come packaged with a set of models to manage your site configurations.

Bare engine block

Handle your images the right way using Django

On one side, we want to make our page visually engaging, but on the other side, we have to think carefully about treating bandwidth as a currency.

Photo of a camera

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Tutorials Dec 28, 2020

Stripping whitespace from your Django HTML

At some point in your Django project, you will likely consider options for client side performance optimizations. Minifying HTML is a low-hanging fruit here, which simply involves stripping the white space from your HTML code so that you reduce the …

Case Studies Aug 03, 2020

5 Popular websites that use Django

If you're learning about Django, you may be interested to know that this open-source web framework has been used to create some extremely popular websites and applications. We've explored five below, but this is only the tip of the iceberg. …

Comparisons Aug 02, 2020

Django vs WordPress

If we had to sum up Django in one sentence, we would say it's the preferred platform for the creation of unique and seamless web applications, where developers have absolute control and ability to customize anything they need. Choose the …