A Django site to sell your digital products

Want to sell your own digital products using Django? Start your e-commerce site the right way, and build it on our Interstellar Monk app.

Want to sell your own digital products using Django? Start your e-commerce site the right way, and build it on our Interstellar Monk app.

Interstellar Monk has fully integrated e-commerce functionality for selling your digital products. This app contains all the features you would expect on a digital commerce site, including a product library, shopping cart, payment history, customer portal, discount code handling, invoice template, and refund functionality. All built on Django.

And don't forget, if you want to fully customize your site or add new features, you can be sure that Interstellar Monk is completely extensible. We have followed Django best-practices and kept our code-base clean and modular, so that you can modify and add anything you want.

Unlimited customization

Our Django products are ready-to-go right out of the box. However, if you want to take customization of your site to the next-level, we've made our products fully extendable. You'll have access to the clean and modular code-base, and can customize it any way you like.

We provide the foundation. You make it your own.

Packed full of features

All our products are packed with features and functionality, based on the latest frameworks and designs.

Built on Django

Built on the extremely powerful and extensible Django web framework.

Rapid deployment via Docker

Includes a completely pre-built environment with Docker scripts for development and production.

Completely modular design

Completely modular design, from the back-end models through to each front-end component.

Flexible Content Management System

Use Django's admin interface for content management, with ability to update content and media without writing code.

Complete e-commerce workflow

Complete e-commerce workflow, including checkout system, payment mechanisms, and customer portal.

Stripe for payments

Built-in Stripe integration for payment handling.

Release date: Jun 23, 2020
Current version: v4.1
Frameworks: Back-end: Django 4.2.2, Front-end: Tailwind CSS 3.3.2 & Vanilla JS, Deployment: Docker 20.10.7+ & docker-compose 1.29.2+
Browser Support: Chrome, Firefox, IE10, IE11, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Safari


We're constantly updating and improving things. And the best part? Purchase any of our products and we'll provide free updates for 12 months from the date of purchase!

Update to latest frameworks.

Upgraded to Django 4.1. Adopted Tailwind CSS for frontend styling and dropped Bootstrap.

Update to latest frameworks.

Update to latest frameworks. Adopted Stripe for payment handling and dropped Braintree integration.

Update to latest frameworks. Made updates to our Braintree integration to reflect changes to their SDK.

Update to latest frameworks, including Bootstrap 5. General code improvements.

Update to latest frameworks, general code improvements.

Interstellar Monk created.