Why Django?

Darryl Buswell

Django is an open-source framework which aims to make web development simpler, faster, and more secure.

What is Django?

Before we get into 'why Django?', some of you are probably wondering 'what is Django?'.

Django is an open-source framework which aims to make web development simpler, faster, and more secure. Django assists users to create web applications and websites without 'reinventing the wheel', providing access to modularized building blocks which can be pieced together to create a unique, seamless product. And Django has proved to be very popular, being used by high-profile companies such as Disqus, Instagram, and Pintrest to build their web applications and websites.

Some of Django's best features

Here are some of the features which we think make Django the best web development framework on offer:

  • Flexible - You can use Django to build almost any type of web application or website. For example, people have used Django to build simple blogs, content management systems, social networks, news sites and wikis. This is possible as Django is fully extensible, meaning that you can add new components as needed to create any type of web application or website that you want.

  • Based on Python - Django's open-source web framework is based on Python - one of the most popular and widely used web programming languages. This obviously makes Django easy-to-use for everyone familiar with the Python. Also, being built on Python means that Django users benefit from the concise, expressive nature of Python, enabling them to build web applications using less code and less effort than traditional programing languages like C++.

  • Modular - One of our favorite features of Django is its modular, minimalist approach which encourages re-use of code. This makes code easier to share, maintain and understand.

  • Fast - Django was created to prevent users from needing to "reinvent the wheel", instead providing extensive code libraries which can be used to build most web app and website components. And if that wasn't enough, Django was built using consistent design principles meaning that code is clean and works seamlessly together.

  • Secure - Django has taken steps to help developers prevent common security vulnerabilities including SQL injection, cross-site scripting, cross-site request forgery, and clickjacking. Django also makes it easy to secure user accounts and passwords, for example by storing passwords as a hash and not placing session information in cookies.

So that's why we love Django and have built all of our apps and themes using Django.

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