Metallic Bear

A streamlined blog.


Want to build your blog on Django? Start with our Metallic Bear theme. You'll have access to all the core functionality needed to make a modern and clean looking blog, including categorization, tagging, pagination, social sharing and comments.

What else? Well, thanks to our pre-built admin functions, you'll be able to create and update all of your blog content, media, and site configuration settings via the Django admin interface. No coding required!

But, if you do want to sink your teeth into the code, you can be sure that Metallic Bear is completely extensible. We have followed Django best-practices and kept our code-base clean and modular, so that you can modify anything you want.

And don't forget, all of our front-end components have been built on the fantastic Bootstrap framework following Material Design principles, courtesy of the team over at So if you do want to experiment, you'll have access to a whole library of front-end components which can easily be incorporated into our design.

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Built on Django

Built on the extremely powerful and extensible Django web framework.

Rapid deployment

Includes a completely pre-built environment with Docker scripts for development and production.

Disqus commentary

Built-in integration with Disqus for commentary.

Modular design

Completely modular design, from the back-end models through to each front-end component.

Built-in content management system

Use Django's admin interface for content management, with ability to update content and media without writing code.

Search engine optimized

Search engine optimized, including a pre-configured sitemap XML, robots.txt and metadata handling.

Release date: Jan 02, 2021

Current version: v1.1

Frameworks: Back-end: Django 3.1.4, Front-end: Bootstrap 4.5.0, jQuery 3.5.1, Deployment: Docker 19.03.12+ & docker-compose 1.26.2+

Browser Support: Chrome, Firefox, IE10, IE11, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Safari


We are constantly updating and improving our products. And the best part? Purchase any of our products and we will give you access to free updates for 12 months from the date of purchase!

Metallic Bear theme created

Updated Django and all back-end packages to latest frameworks. Also made various improvements to the code base.