Interstellar Monk

A user-friendly site to sell your digital product.


Want to sell digital product on Django? Start your e-commerce site the right way, and build it on our Interstellar Monk theme.

Interstellar Monk contains all the features that you'll find in Atomic Parrot. But it also has fully integrated e-commerce functionality for selling your digital product. That's right, this theme contains all of the features you would expect on a digital commerce site, including a product library, shopping cart, payment history, customer portal page, discount code handling, invoice template, and refund functionality. All built on Django.

And don't forget, if you want to fully customize your site or add new features, you can be sure that Interstellar Monk is completely extensible. We have followed Django best-practices and kept our code-base clean and modular, so that you can modify and add anything you want.

Unlimited customization

Our Django product are ready-to-go right out of the box. However, if you want to take customization of your site to the next-level, we've made our product fully extendable. You'll have access to the clean and modular code-base, and can customize it any way you like.

We provide the foundation. You make it your own.


All of our products are packed with premium features and functionality, based on the latest and most powerful frameworks, designs and systems.

Built on Django

Built on the extremely powerful and extensible Django web framework.

Rapid deployment

Includes a completely pre-built environment with Docker scripts for development and production.

Disqus commentary

Built-in integration with Disqus for commentary.

Sendgrid integration

Set up for Sendgrid integration to handle email distribution.

Modular design

Completely modular design, from the back-end models through to each front-end component.

Flexible customer engagement options

Contact and newsletter sign-up forms for users, with automated email response and submission logging.

Search engine optimized

Search engine optimized, including a pre-configured sitemap XML, robots.txt and metadata handling.

Release date: Jan 02, 2021

Current version: v2.0

Frameworks: Back-end: Django 3.2.7, Front-end: Bootstrap 5.0.1, Deployment: Docker 20.10.7+ & docker-compose 1.29.2+

Browser Support: Chrome, Firefox, IE10, IE11, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Safari


We are constantly updating and improving our products. And the best part? Purchase any of our products and we will give you access to free updates for 12 months from the date of purchase!

Interstellar Monk theme created

Updated Django and all back-end packages to latest versions. Also made various improvements to the code base.

Updated Django and all back-end packages to latest versions. Updated to Bootstrap 5. Also made various improvements to the code base.